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“You’re Dealing With The Dog In A Man”: DeVon Franklin Says Men Need To Get Control Of Their Lust

DeVon Franklin is a best-selling author, behind books like Produced by FaithThe Wait (with Meagan Good) and The Hollywood Commandments. He has a new project on the way, meant to help men get themselves together (it’s about time) called The Truth About MenWith the #MeToo movement happening and more, the 40-year-old producer, author and preacher wants to talk about the reasons men act badly and what needs to be done to see a change in behavior.

(Madamenoire) Due out in February, DeVon stopped by On Air With Ryan Seacrest to talk about some of the topics, including the reality that men of all walks of life, deal with lust. However, knowing how to get control if it is what can keep them from making mistakes that cost them their careers — and worse.Image result for DeVon Franklin Says

“In the book, I talk about lust operates like an untrained dog in men,” he said. “And love is the master. So, as men, in order to get control and have success we have to master our lust because when we see so many challenges that are happening in the world [Times Up, the Me Too movement], I believe it’s because men have given themselves over to lust.

Lust for women, lust for money, lust for power, lust for sex, and when we learn to master those things with love for self, love for our community, love for women in our lives, love for family — when we put love in charge, we win.”

“Many women don’t realize sometimes you’re not dealing with the master in a man, you’re dealing with the dog in a man,” he continued. “Now are men dogs? Absolutely not. But, can we act like one? Yes, we can. And so when I’m talking about this I’m not pointing the finger, I’m saying me too. When I got married and all of a sudden I had these lustful thoughts I’m like ‘Wait a minute, I’m committed, what’s going on here?’ So I wanted to write this book about the truth, that we all deal with it, but we don’t have to give ourselves over to it.”

DeVon also touched on the idea that all men cheat. He said that when men do step out from their relationships, it all goes back to the idea of not choosing to put love over lust.

“There’s a chapter in the book that I call ‘The One You Feed’ so if you feed the dog, or you feed the master, whoever you feed is going to grow, and in our dating life most of the time men are taught to feed the dog. ‘Eat whatever you want.’ So the dog is selfish,” he shared. “It only wants what it wants when it wants it. The master love is selfless — it’s all about the greater good. But in dating, what do we do? Men are taught get as much as you can while you can get it and then all of a sudden when you get married, if you haven’t gone through a process to curve your appetite, when you get married, you still have that hunger.”