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Young M.A. Is Now Writing and Directing for PornHub

When trying to make your mark in the entertainment world there can’t be any limits and I mean ANY! Young M.A. kinda got the point and is headed in a direction that most lust be won’t admit.

Young M.A. From Music to Menage a trois.

(All HipHop) Brooklyn rapper Young M.A. accomplished a first in her career, with her debut porno. Young M.A. put down her microphone for a camera and is now the first celebrity to write and direct an adult film on Pornhub. Young M.A’s directorial debut for Pornhub’s new Visionaries Director’s Club, is the first celebrity-written and directed adult film on Pornhub. The “Ooouuu” hitmaker conceived an all girl film called “The Gift” starring Asa Akira.

“It’s about a girl, a virgin. It’s her birthday and a friend kinda like sends her off to this place where she’s mysteriously walking through different rooms and stuff and finding out, you know, paradise,” Young M.A. explained.

Take a look a trailer for “The Gift” below.