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You can now fly with weed out of LAX International Airport

You can legally fly out of LA carrying weed, but you’ve got to sneak it past TSA first. People traveling out of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) can possess an ounce of weed and eight grams of weed concentrates without fear of being arrested — but since weed is still technically illegal on a federal level, you may be stopped at the gate and referred to the police.

For the last several days, the internet has been buzzing with the news that the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) now allows travelers who pass through the hub to carry small amounts of marijuana in their checked luggage or carry on. And indeed, the airport’s website does dedicate a page to this policy, which makes clear that, in accordance with California’s passage of proposition 64, effective January 1, 2018, “the Los Angeles Airport Police Department will allow passengers to travel through LAX with up to 28.5 grams of marijuana and 8 grams of concentrated marijuana.”