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WTF: Jealous Man Flew From Atlanta To Chicago To Cut Off His Ex-Girlfriend’s New Boyfriend’s Penis

Well ladies make sure you know the man you’re breaking up with before you break up with him. (If that was ever a warning) because when you hear a man’s penis was cut off over a jealous rage, you would think it’s the ex-girlfriend right? Not in this case. In my B. Simone voice, it was the ex ‘BoyyyyyyyyyFriend’

Prosecutors said at the hearing that Justin Foster, outraged over a new man who was dating his ex-girlfriend, flew to Chicago O’Hare International Airport in March.

After a flight to Chicago from Atlanta, it’s reported that a woman’s new boyfriend was hit in the head with a tire iron on the street and the suspect carved initials in his leg and cut his penis off. Right there in the street! Foster then threw the severed member over a fence and dragged the man out of sight behind a parked car on the 1100 block of Holiday Lane, according to the prosecutors.

Justin went for justice…

The suspect then went back to the airport like nothing happened. The suspect was identified as the woman’s ex-boyfriend Justin Foster. How Foster found the new boyfriend on the street like that is unknown but Foster was arrested when he fled back home to Tallahassee.

Although Foster is from Tallahassee, Florida, he flew to Chicago from Atlanta, according to prosecutors.

Sadly, the new boyfriend is suffering from permanent brain damage due to the attack. Foster, 28, is being held on a $1 million bond and is charged is attempted murder.