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WIllie D. Tha Kang and King $upreme form “A.B.$” on new single “NII” | @WillieDthaKang @RealKingSupreme

2018 sure has been a strong year for Mississippi-based MC Willie D. Tha Kang. It seems as though he’s been right there every time with a new jam when things start to feel a bit mundane. From G.P., to “Weigh It Is” and every other release Willie D. makes it hard to forget about him and his knack for laid-back flows.

Today is no different as he keeps his momentum going with “N II”. With summer winding down this one should do a good job of keeping the parties to close out the season going strong. A piece of bouncing production lays the foundation as Willie falls into it’s pockets perfectly on the infectious hook and witty verses. Houston’s own King $upreme joins him on the track, forming the duo of A.B.$. (All Bout Stacks).

This is King $upreme’s first time back on the scene since the release of 2016’s power moves EP, making it a comeback of sorts for the Texan. With this collaborative effort the duo look to pick back up right where they left off. Their chemistry is apparent on first listen, as the longtime friend’s show styles on the record that mesh effortlessly. If you’re looking for something that’ll get your head nodding this is the one for you. Stream “N II” below now.