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Who Is Rapper Ralo and Why Is He In Jail With No Bail?

Terrell Davisknown professionally as Ralo, is an American hip hop recording artist. He is signed to rapper Young Scooter’s Black Migo Gang, Gucci Mane 1017 Records via Interscope Records and his own label Famerica Records. Ralo gained recognition following the release of his single, “Can’t Lie” featuring rapper Future, which was released in 2015. Spin magazine placed the song at number 65 on its “Every Future Song of 2015, Ranked” list. In 2015 Ralo released the mixtapes Famerican Gangster and Diary of the Streets.

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(HipHopNews) According to Federal investigators, Ralo moved at least 1000 pounds of weed from California to Atlanta, where he sold it from a string of apartment units he rented dubbed “Ralo’s Hood.” Ralo is the assumed head of the Famerica gang which the Feds tracked making two weed-filled charter flight trips between Sacramento, California and Dekalb-Peachtree Airport in Georgia.

On December 22, the Feds observed Ralo and his team get off a private plane in DeKalb and unload 37 packages into an Econoline van, which was registered to Davis’ southwest Atlanta address. The cops pulled the van over and found 520 pounds of marijuana worth $1 million.(Ralo wasn’t in the van.)

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Despite getting busted, Ralo and company tried the same trick again earlier this month, this time loading 17 packages weighing 444 pounds into a Chrysler 300 at Dekalb airport. The cops quickly pulled the car over and took its occupants into custody. Ralo was still on the plane when this happened, and he refused to comply with federal officials when they tried to enter the aircraft. He later exited the plane, which allegedly smelled of marijuana, when police dogs were brought in.

Ralo is facing two federal counts of possession with intent to distribute marijuana. He’s so far been denied bond. During his bond hearing earlier this week, prosecutors argued that undercover officers had bought drugs and weapons at Ralo’s “Ralo Hood” apartments.

Ralo has a history of bringing up police harassment and the problems he has at airports on his Instagram page.