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War Of Words Between Tyson Beckford And Kim Kardashian

All people are going to learn to keep some opinions to themselves one of these days and one of these days in now for Kim and Tyson.

(Madamenoire) I think we’ve made it pretty clear that Kim Kardashian has made a name for herself and now her family by appropriating and stealing phrases, styles, and body parts associated with Black culture and  even specific Black people. And just when you think she’s been quiet for a while and is going to do an about face with her branding strategies, there is yet another example.

Yesterday, model Tyson Beckford commented under a post on The Shade Room posted of Kardashian walking.

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I won’t lie, I initially laughed at Kardashian’s comment. But really, that’s not right. The idea that someone’s sexuality can be used to attack them or insult them is still a very prevalent problem in our culture. It perpetuates the culture of homophobia.

That something is wrong with someone who loves someone else of the same sex. Not to mention, if Beckford is gay, it’s not Kardashian’s place to tell that story for him. Also the reference to “tea” and the word “sis” are words used by the Black, gay community. The thought that she would insult a Black man for being gay, using slang coined by the Black gay community is pretty mind-boggling.

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Kim Kardashian (Getty Image)

Still, no matter how I might agree with him, Beckford was also wrong in choosing to comment on Kardashian’s body. Though we all know that it’s not naturally hers, using a vomit face to speak about someone’s surgery is still body shaming. And the fact that he did so in a public forum, as a public figure, just adds additional layers of messiness.

Both of them were wrong. And it seems the discussion around the altercation had people split down the middle about who deserves more blame.