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Usher Has a New Head Tattoo

The 40-year-old singer linked with L.A. tattoo artists Dillon Forte for the art piece that covers just about the entire back of his scalp.

TMZ: The result’s a beaut — a tat inspired by sacred geometry and an ancient Berber stone that marks the cardinal points in the sky, which allows travelers to find their way across vast distances. World history, look it up.

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Usher and Dillon — who has also worked on Chris Hemsworth and Kat Von D, among others — met through Jennifer Love Hewitt’s hubby, Brian Hallisay. It wasn’t long before an introduction was made and the singer sat down for a 3-hour sesh last weekend at Dillon’s Sri Yantra Tattoo Studio in Venice.

Ya gotta imagine, given the tat’s location, it had to hurt. Probs worth it … when your head can now count as a masterpiece.