Twitter Explodes Over Donald Trump’s ‘Disgusting’ Attack On LeBron James

Lebron James knows who he is, knows what he needs to do and is doing it. Donald is so damn jealous all he can do is tweet and go on vacation because he lacks the knowledge and know how of running a country.

(Yahoo) Tweeters erupted in anger after President Donald Trump trashed NBA superstar LeBron James on Friday night. Trump used Twitter to bash both James and CNN host Don Lemon, after finally watching an interview between the pair that aired on Monday.

During the interview, James (who in July signed for the Los Angeles Lakers) accused Trump of enabling racists and using sports to divide the country.

Following Trump’s rant, hundreds of Twitter users jumped to James’ defense ― with many highlighting how the basketball legend had this week opened a new school for at-risk children (a joint venture between Akron Public Schools and his foundation) in his hometown of Akron, Ohio:

This article originally appeared on HuffPost.