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Tiny Felt ‘Sick To Her Stomach’ Watching T.I. Cuddle Up To Mystery Woman: It Was ‘A Slap To The Face’ AGAIN

Welp, T.I. didn’t waste any time getting back the man business at hand, no pun intended, getting caught cheating, again. This time Tiny may be fed up and the people just may see her walk away and start her new life as a single woman and mother. At this point in time, there is only so much a woman will tolerate with the cheating shit and if men just have to have more than one woman in America, then STAY or GET single.

(Hollywood Life) Tameka “Tiny” Harris 42, is furious and upset all at the same time over the now viral video of her man appearing to slap another woman’s behind. T.I., 37, who already had a history of straying was caught on video cuddling up to a woman (some think could be Asia’h Epperson, 29) backstage at his show in Indiana on June 16.

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T.I. and Tiny aren’t in a good place after she watched the video of him seemingly slapping another woman’s butt. She was ‘blindsided’ by the behavior he swore he wouldn’t repeat after their past issues! Now, this could be the last straw…

“Tiny felt sick to her stomach when she watched that video, it was like a slap to the face,” a source close to the Xscape singer tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY. “Seeing Tip look so comfortable with this other, younger woman, was a knife in her heart,” the source says. “Tiny feels so defeated and blindsided because she really believed that this kind of BS was in their past.”

“Tiny knew in her heart that T.I. wouldn’t be able to keep up the faithful loving husband routine for ever, and she’s annoyed for telling herself he could,” the insider admits, adding that “Tip just can’t help it at the end of the day, because he’s always had a roaming eye.” The source notes that with his success and money, women are always throwing themselves at him.

Speaking of T.I… — “He isn’t even being apologetic for his behavior, or even acting like he’s sorry,” the insider says. In fact, “he tried to just laugh it off, claiming it was some harmless fun, and attempted to turn the tables on Tiny by accusing her of being crazy jealous and suffocatingly possessive.”

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While Tiny’s upset about the scandalous footage she knows she’s been in this spot before. T.I.’s been accused on multiple occasions of cheating on Tiny through the years. But, somehow, they’ve always figured out a way to be together. So, what happens now? — “Tiny’s not letting Tip slide anymore,” a second source says.

“She has a lot of thinking to do and she’s got to decide if she can continue to share her bed with a man who disrespects her; Or, if she finally kicks Tip to the curb once and for all — That’s not an easy decision for her. Despite it all, she still loves him more than life itself.”

The insider admits that Tiny’s put her foot down ever since the video came out. “She’s asked him to sleep elsewhere. She wants her space to figure things out.” While Tiny isn’t trying to “make any rash decisions,” the source reveals that “she is taking her time to figure out what is right for her and her family. He’s back in the doghouse right now, big time.”

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While things appeared to be just fine on the outside, Tip and Tiny have been on the rocks for the last few weeks, our second source adds. “They’ve been bickering a lot and Tiny has been complaining that T.I. has been emotionally checked out. All her old insecurities about their marriage have come back again over last month or so, but nothing could have prepared her for that video.”