These Brothers Are Asking Us To #BlackOutNFL In Support of Colin Kaepernick

These athletes play their hearts out every week, yet they still do not get equal treatment. Terrell Owens should have been in the Hall of Fame two years ago, while last year it was open season on Cam Newton. He had numerous uncalled late hits on him, then he became unable to complete the season. His coach said nothing and the owner said nothing.

As Justice Thomas called a “high tech” lynching, the people have to show the NFL elites by hitting their bank accounts. This control tactic does work, if you lost 18% of your income how would you survive financially? This boycott will cause each team to lose $250,000,000. Multiply by 30 teams.

It’s time to Blackout the NFL as they have shown that they do not care about people of color and we must stop spending our time, efforts, energy, money and resources where it is clear that we do not have a voice… Support the movement. Share this video with #blackout.

So, in asking you all to watch the video below, understand that these are not just a group of friends hanging out talking trash during the NFL games, these are preachers who are now asking that sport lovers to black out the NFL.

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“After witnessing our guy Collin Kaepernick lose livelihood; I became livid at how a league could discriminate against a person for exercising his/her first amendment rights. This was a perfect example of how this country continues to promote a, “be all you can be message,” as long as you march to the beat of our drum. I’m hopeful that the time will come in this country that we, “practice what we preach.”

In hindsight I don’t know if my efforts to abort the NFL really brought about change or awareness, but I felt it was my duty to conduct myself in a manner that was conducive to creating change. Small strides seem to be the way our country and people will eventually gain justice and liberty. This liberty should not be accompanied with stipulations that pacify an already flawed system, but it should uniteeducate, and exude freedom. Remember that it’s a game and games produce winners and losers. My issue is that we all become losers when we support censorship, in regards to justice and equality for all.” ~ Jeff


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