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The first day of LeBron James’ I Promise’ school for At-Risk 3-4 Graders looks amazing

We all know that Trump is trying to use sports to divide people, welp, looks like it’s backfiring and blacks are excelling! The NBA superstar has returned to his home town of Akron, Ohio to open the I Promise School, the latest and most impressive initiative of the LeBron James Family Foundation.On Monday, 240 at-risk students in grades three and four began classes at the state-of-the-art facilities, marking a major milestone in a project that will not reach a conclusion until the school is expanded to include eight grades by 2022.

LeBron James told the world on Sunday how excited and nervous he was for the opening of I Promise, his public school in Akron, Ohio. Now, the day is finally here and kids are pouring into I Promise for the first time.
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Lebron James new school ‘I Promise’ School in Akron, OH

Third and fourth graders are the school’s first students (the school will expand every year until it holds grades 1-8), and when they walked in on Monday morning, they had some welcome-to-school gifts waiting for them.

Side Note: Did you know America determines how many prisons they will build based on the testing score of third grade black male students? Wonder if Michael Jordan knew this and this is why is chose to invest in prisons instead of opening schools to educate. Now back to our REAL hero story.

Flabbergasted is the right reaction, because the school is incredible. It’s clear that thought was put into every single detail. And how about walking into school and seeing 114 of LeBron’s game used kicks on the wall? The kids are already off to a great start, reciting their school promise on their first day in their brand new digs.

Now that’s how you start a new school year. Hopefully LeBron was able to get over his first day jitters after seeing that, because those kids already have and they look ready to learn.

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LeBron James at his I Promise school (Photo ABC News)