Tell Us What You Think | Ghost Ship, UFO, Spirit, Angel? It Appears On Lake Superior The Mysterious Silhouette


On the horizon, this video of a hazy blur in Michigan’s Lake Superior has the Internet abuzz. So far its either a ghost ship floating or Jesus walking on water. Evidence collected by Jason Asselin and his friends while filming off the shore of Marquette Michigan appears to show an extremely large distant object. Reminiscent of a ship, but not moving like one, theories about the sighting include a ghost ship and a UFO. From the Video, you can see that it is quite distant and must be gigantic.Image result for ghost ship

“If there was a ghost ship sighting, this would be the place for it,” Lynn told CNN.
Ghost ship sightings are a part of the culture and tradition of the Great Lakes, said local maritime historian Frederick Stonehouse. Some said they spotted spectral sailors off the coast of Whitefish Point after the Edmund Fitzgerald shipwreck in 1975, Stonehouse said.

The reality

In this case, science offers a more plausible explanation. The shimmering image is very likely the Granite Island lighthouse, about eight miles of the coast of Presque Isle. The same way the moon appears to be massive when it rises on the horizon, the video may have captured a much smaller object that’s playing tricks on the viewers’ eyes, said Mark Becker, an associate professor of psychology at Michigan State University.
“Is it a ghost ship? No, I’m pretty sure,” Becker told CNN, “and it might not be that big.”
Becker explained that without depth cues, our eyes have no way of identifying how far an object is. The human brain “tends to try to make sense out of what our eyes send to our brain,” Becker said.
Regardless, the “ghost ship” will live on to haunt Lake Superior — at least in some minds.
“Whatever you believe in your mind, that’s what it was,” Asselin said. “That’s what life is about—dreaming.”

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