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Swagggirlicious Media Letter: Dear World…… #Vote

Spread the word… TODAY, November 6, 2018 – The Day That The States will be ‘United‘ Again Because Of Our Vote! If there was ever a day I can say I lived to see, I’m most proud to call today one of those days. As I’ve watched people come out in droves, making sure their vote were included in the number to later be counted.

Dear World,

When your history and your culture means zilch, when your heavenly influence are purposefully rejected for power and trophies, you create a world that conspires to destroy everything that could be good. When you’ve allowed your finances to out power your intelligence, one can only be left to believe they are above faith, compassion, graciousness and morality; ultimately becoming the leader of destruction to the original plan and eventually changing the design of the human course.

~ Swaggirl

I wrote this letter 6 years ago and posted it via youtube.com 2 years ago but never went public with it. I just placed it somewhere to later be found by someone. Today, I want YOU to read the words, feel the power the words possess  and then do something.


Music By: Moby and Patti LaBelle

Written by: Swaggirl