Steph Curry Shows Off Super Awkward Dance Moves At NBA All-Star Weekend

Uh oh! Steph Curry just got schooled by the Golden State Warriors’ ‘Dance Mom.’ You’ve got to see the hilarious video of him trying to keep up with the fly moves of his team’s number one fan.

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Oh man! It’s a good thing Steph Curry, 28, is so phenomenal at basketball because he sure wouldn’t be able to cut it as a dancer. The reigning NBA MVP showed off some awkward moves as he worked to keep the beat with the Golden State Warriors’ dancing mom, Robin Schreiber. The bespectacled blonde has become a national sensation for wearing fierce Warriors sweaters while shaking her ‘thang in the audience at their home games. Now Steph and Robin have teamed up to tape a promo for the Feb. 19 All-Star Game and it…is…everything!

TNT is airing the big game and showed off a teaser clip of the promo, with the pair mimicking each other’s wicked moves. Steph really gives it his all trying to keep up with Robin, because oh boy does she know how to shake her hips! Steph looks positively wooden in comparison! He’s wearing a pair of grey skinny jeans, a black shirt and a big Mardi Gras beaded chain around his neck — the game is being held in New Orleans after all! — as dance mom Robin rocks her favorite blue and gold Warriors sweater.

Steph will be leading the Western Conference in the 66th Annual NBA All-Star game, and the Warrriors’ Big Four will be representing hard. Number 30 will be starting alongside Kevin Durant, 28, while Draymond Green, 26, and Klay Thompson will be on the reserve roster. OF COURSE dance mom Robin will be on hand to watch her guys work their magic against a team from the Eastern Conference led by the Cleveland Cavaliers’ LeBron James, 32. She’s going to be in the stands shaking it like there’s no tomorrow, and since she’s already a part of TNT’s promos for the big event, we can expect plenty of camera cutaways to her epic moves in the stands.

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She’s such a sensation that the team’s cheerleaders choreographed a routine with her in Dec. 2016. Robin got out on the floor of the arena and danced like everyone was watching! LOVE HER!!! Click here to watch


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