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Empowered Women: Shonda Rhimes Celebrates As All Four Shows Have Been Renewed For Another Season

Today was a good day in deed today for world renowned producer Shonda Rhimes, as she received the news that all four of her shows: Greys Anatomy, How To Get Away With Murder, Station 19 and For The People would be renewed for another season on ABC.

Rhimes took to her Twitter account to announce the news and thanked everyone who was a part of the process that lead to more success. Did we mention that this would make Greys Anatomy 15th season?

With Her $100 Millon Netflix Deal, Shonda Rhimes Enters The “Fearless Space” Of SVOD — Deadline Disruptors

(Deadline) Rhimes remains one of the brightest stars still shining in the broadcast network business as ABC’s matriarch of Thursday night primetime. Her production company Shondaland was one of the largest suppliers to the Disney-owned network.

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Shonda Rhimes / ABC Event

While best known for her soapy dramas, Rhimes has always had an interest in a wide variety of genres. Her first TV pilot for ABC was a story about four female war correspondents, and it’s likely that she will work across different genres during her multi-year deal with Netflix. She’s also a big sci-fi fan—British drama Doctor Who is her favorite show—and she’s interested in making a full-on action series. “I’d like to do something about girls with guns, a bit deeper than what’s been done before, with an overly hot girl kicking someone’s butt,” she told me during her last trip to Cannes.