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Sheree Whitfield Gives a Tour of Chateau Sheree for NBC’s ‘Open House’

All good things take time and for Sheree the Chateau took some time but it was all worth it. The former ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ cast member Sheree Whitfield is all smiles now and ready to show the world how a Queen should really be living. Not that she didn’t work her ass off to get to where she is!

Sheree appeared on NBC’s ‘Open House’ where she gave viewers an inside look at the Chateau and speaks of what it took to get the home of her dreams.

(Open House) Shereé Whitfield gives us a tour of her home. If you’re familiar with “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” then you know all about the drama behind the construction of “Chateau Shereé” — as it has come to be known. Well, all of it turned out to be well worth it because Shereé created a personal home that exudes opulence, comfort, and style at every turn with the help of her designer Mikel Welch.

Congrats Shereé, you deserve it!