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Rest In Peace: Geto Boys Rapper Bushwick Bill Passes Away at 52 yrs old from Pancreatic Cancer

The hip-hop star lost his battle with pancreatic cancer.

Bushwick Bill, born Richard Shaw in Kingston, Jamaica, got his start with the band in 1986, first as a dancer, when he was known as Little Billy. The rapper had been suffering from stage 4 pancreatic cancer, which he revealed he had back in February.

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“I figure keeping it myself is not really helping nobody, and I’m not really afraid of dying because if anyone knows anything about me from [his 1992 song] ‘Ever So Clear,’ I died and came back already in June 1991, so I know what it’s like on the other side,” the rapper told TMZ.

Bill was said to be working on three albums, which he hoped would generate residual income for his survivors.

When news broke of Bill’s acute health problems, the southern hip-hop pioneers hit the road on a string of concerts, dubbed The Beginning of a Long Goodbye, with a portion of proceeds going to support pancreatic cancer awareness.

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Geto Boys: Scarface, Bushwick Bill, Willie D.

Geto Boys (originally spelled Getto Boys) landed three hits on the Billboard Hot 100, including 1992’s “Mind Playing Tricks On Me,” which reached No. 23. The iconic Houston, Texas outfit also placed seven albums on the Billboard 200, with Resurrection blasting to No. 6 in 1996.

Geto Boys group members Scarface and Willie D. erroneously broke the news Sunday on Instagram, which lead to a furor of misinformation. Bushwick Bill’s family immediately responded that he was still “fighting,” even though family members were summoned to the hospital.

Former band mate DJ Ready Red passed away in 2018 due to a heart attack at the age of 53. 

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Swagggirlicious Media sends deep condolences to the family of Bushwick Bill.