R.I.P. Robert Eddins | Former NFL linebacker dead in double homicide at father’s home

Police in Detroit, Michigan are investigating a double murder in the basement of a home. The victims have been identified as former Buffalo Bills linebacker Robert Eddins and his friend Ricky McFarland. They were both shot in the basement of Eddins’ father’s home. The bodies were discovered by his father when he returned home and smelled gas.

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Investigators believed whoever shot the men was attempting to cover up the crime because the gas stove was left on at the scene. According to police, there was no sign of a struggle or forced entry and the victims more than likely knew their assailant. Capt. Kurt Worboys of Detroit police stated, “There’s at least one if not more individuals that just committed a double murder.”

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Eddins was a father of three and played one season for the Buffalo Bills in 2011. He was a student-athlete at Ball State University and played four seasons. While playing college football, he is credited for a combined 17 sacks and seven forced fumbles during his final three years with the Cardinals.

Eddins’ mother, Bridgett Eddins, stated to media, “He played pro football. We were all proud of him. But it is what it is; we don’t know what happened. The last time I spoke to him was 6 p.m. last evening. Between then and now is when the crime occurred. I know one thing, whoever did it, he wasn’t going out like that. He probably told them to give me your best shot. That’s how he was.”

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Police are still investigating the crime and there has been no description of suspects or a motivation for the shooting. Law enforcement is appealing to the public to contact police if they have any information in regards to this tragic holiday season murder.


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