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Fashion Launch: ‘New Southern Order (NSO) Apparel’ 2019 Drip Has Dropped

New Southern Order (NSO) Apparel has launched its new Spring/Summer Collection for 2019. Their new items feature a selection of vibrant prints and materials in a variety of innovative styles motivated by the South.  With summer fast approaching, consumers are on the hunt to find the perfect pieces to add to their collection.

Within the blends of various cultures, getting fresh is all but a prerequisite to attaining popularity and admiration among your peers and the opposite sex. Staying “fresh” is key in any cultural situation and if your threads aren’t up to par, it diminishes your “fly.”

Streetwear pieces don’t necessarily have to be expensive to be desirable, though they often are. It’s more important that they’re rare and make a bold statement. #NEWSOUTHERNORDER

NSO Apparell is giving their consumers exactly what they are looking for in that new, upstart movement, with a niche in casual clothes like hoodies, tees and accessories with graphic logos that seem made for the Instagram age. Included with fashion is the fixation on sneakers and how it ties into hip-hop, and a shared sense of culture with those bigger shifts in the way younger generations of shoppers conscious for gear.

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When is comes to inspiring, New Southern Order (NSO) Apparel Founder thinks it’s important for this generation and the next generation to see people that look like them or that inspire them, because fashion isn’t just for the elite anymore, fashion is for everyone.

For more apparel, swimwear, sneakers and accessories, check out their site New Southern Order (NSO) Apparel, at 

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About NSO Apparel: It was founded in 2014 as a street wear fashion brand influenced by the south. New Southern Order Apparel was created to represent the South’s presence as a proud and positive influence on the world through fashion.

The culture of the south continuously influences the creativity of fashion and music culture. This influence of culture through fashion and music creates a lifestyle that the south is known for and many times imitated. NSO Apparel is the takeover brand that cultivates the south throughout the world! “Join The TakeOver” #NewSouthernOrder

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New Southern Order Apparel Co.

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