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Nicki Minaj’s Hairstylist Deletes His Instagram After Being Attacked by Her Fans

So the Barbz fans weren’t feeling her new look and decided to turn on the person responsible for the look, Nicki Minaj’s hairdresser, Tae on social media, which ultimately lead him to delete his Instagram.

Let’s keep in mind that the international women look, isn’t of American women…… I mean they have great looks, don’t get me wrong, but damn, to run a whole man off of social media is a bit extreme. It’s not as if Nicki isn’t known for CHECKING people when she is displeased, so if she didn’t complain, why are the fans?

After going back and forth with Nicki fans in the comments, Tae shared a message about ‘protecting your energy’ before going on hiatus.

“Protect Your ENERGY…Some of yall miserable asses need to live n be happy! Some of y’all don’t have no life in y’all, y’all try n put on these acts to be somebody y’all not or try n plese ppl n kiss they ass like nahhh!!! Be f**king you n do wtf you want n if a mf ain’t plesaed with, tell they a** ‘ADIOS’

If your in a unhappy situation, u should never settle…get tf on! Happiness is very important”