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Nick Young Investigated for Robbery After Allegedly Hitting a Man in the Testicles and Stealing His Phone

Law enforcement sources tell us … the LAPD received a call on Jan. 4 from a man who claims he was assaulted by Swaggy P when he tried to take his photo at a popular L.A. car wash.  

We’re told the alleged victim does not appear to be a paparazzo just a basketball fan who recognized the former Lakers star and wanted a photo. 

The man acknowledged Young didn’t want to be photographed but he snapped a pic anyway — and that’s when Young snapped … confronting the fan, allegedly firing off a nut shot and swiping the phone. We’re told cops took a report and are investigating. So far, no arrests have been made. 

It’s not the first time Young has been accused of wrongdoing — he was arrested in August 2018 for obstruction of justice after he was pulled over by police. And in 2016, Young was sued for allegedly attacking a man at a pickup basketball game at a church. We’ve reached out to Young for comment — so far, no word back.