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New Video: All Nyte Muzik Presents Tom Pasley New Single ‘Last One Left’

Tom Pasley has dropped his latest single ‘Last One Left’ presented by his label ‘All Nyte Muzik‘.  Some musical influences that enthuse Tom Pasley flow are Future, the late 2 Pac Shakur, and Drake.  Anointed with the ability to rap and sing, Tom Pasley brings a variety of flavor to the table. With a soulful sound polished by a childhood spent singing in a Baptist choir and life experiences of struggle and hard times, Pasley is masterfully able to apply his art to the pen creating songs that have been described by music connoisseurs as nothing less than, “amazing.” Pasley’s single, “Last One Left”, reached over a million views in just a few short weeks.

When Tom Pasley is not in the studio, he is touring around the country performing in clubs and at private parties, lending his vocals and lyrics to the work of other upcoming artists, or doing radio interviews. Pasley would describe his music as, “Something for the people. I speak for everyone who does not have a voice in the struggle and cannot speak for themselves. I think everyone likes me because I’m authentic, I don’t bite my tongue, and I’m not afraid to address the elephant in the room or to vocalize what everyone else is thinking.”

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Tom Pasley is currently based out of Atlanta, GA where he has aligned himself with some of the industry’s best producers and executives as he gears up to release his much anticipated EP titled Tom P. vs. Tom Pasley in Summer 2018. Tom Pasley’s music is available on SoundCloud, Spotify, and Youtube.

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