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Naomi Campbell Explains Why She Won’t Be On an All-Black TV Show

Naomi Campbell explained why she wouldn’t be on an all-black TV show during a recently published interview with The Guardian. In fact, the supermodel revealed that she’s already turned down “tons of money” when an offer to join an all-black cast came around.

The 49-year-old, who played on “Empire,” often talks about diversity in fashion and entertainment. And in 2017 she famously called out British Vogue’s former editor-in-chief Alexandra Shulman after she posted a picture of the editorial staff that didn’t show any people of color.

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Naomi Campbell said she wouldn’t be on an all-black television show. (Photo: Charley Gallay/Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images)

With regard to not wanting to be on an all-Black show, Campbell said it’s to be consistent with what she’s always talked about: Various groups should be represented when people are being hired or cast in something.

She also talked about diversity now improving in fashion and entertainment and recalled someone in her life having a problem with it.

“I feel a difference on many levels now, but someone I know recently called it a ‘cult,’” Campbell explained. “It wasn’t that way when you had everything, was it? You wouldn’t say that when you were getting everything handed on a plate and things were coming your way constantly.”

“So to hear this called a ‘cult,’ that was like ‘Wait a second, so you want me to feel bad now that things are turning the other way?’” she continued. “No. We just want balance, end of story. I won’t do an all-black show, for instance, because it would be hypocritical given what I’ve stood for for so long: Balanced inclusion.”

The model also did a photo shoot for the interview, which she said was taken by Campbell Addy, the first Black photographer she’s ever worked with for a mainstream publication.

“I embrace young people and their creativity, it’s fun for me,” she said about Addy. “I’m happy for all the new talent and proud to be here right now, witnessing all this music and culture and the lifestyle and the way it moves in fashion.”

On Sunday, Campbell shared a video from the photo shoot, where she can be seen striking one of her famous poses.

“LOVED this team and the day we made together 🧡📸🙏🏾,” Campbell wrote next to the Instagram clip.