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Migos Producer Rob Taylor Beat Up In Atlanta

This story is all over the place but trust me, people are chiming in to make sure we get it right. So apparently this producer has some enemies in his hometown who have ousted him for being a fraud.

Our source wanted to remain anonymous and so it shall be BUT they did drop this tea with us;

“We from the same city, I know him. He faked like he was signed to Migos and sold old Migo verses and also bears over charged. So he came across the wrong dude and sold him a verse for 2k. After he found out, he beat him up. And they from Monroe, Louisiana not Atlanta.”


(Rolling Out) The rap game has always been a serious matter in Atlanta. Struggling rappers spend hard earned cash on studio time and beats hoping to make a mark in the ATL. One surefire beat-maker with proven talent is Rob Taylor, who has produced tracks for Migos and others. But a recent video uploaded to YouTube shows Taylor catching a beating over a promised beat.

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According to gossip website MediaTakeOut, the person beating the living hell out of a crying Taylor paid $2K for a beat. Instead of giving the beat to the rapper as promised, Taylor allegedly sold the beat to another artist. In the video, the furious rapper confronts Taylor in an apartment parking lot near Atlanta and grabs him by the hair and punches him in the face. Taylor begs for his life and tells him to take the money in his pockets and that he will go to an ATM to get more.

The video can be seen below and contains graphic violence and language: