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Michelle Obama and Melania Trump Had Tea at the White House, and Um…the Internet Has Thoughts

First Lady Michelle Obama recently hosted tea at the White House for future First Lady Melania Trump, whose husband is a former champion of the birther movement. So yeah, it was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the most awkward of times, etc.

Photo credit: Chuck Kennedy/The White House

Melania Trump and Michelle Obama’s first meeting is a picture worth a thousand words. Not only do the First Ladies look incredibly awkward, but there’s also a lot of ‘tension,’ according to a body language expert.

 “Typically first ladies have fun, camaraderie and a playfulness to them, but these two do not have that, they are very far apart physically, it’s also interesting how formal and closed windowed Melania is.” says expert Patti Wood.

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We don’t have to look at a photograph to know that the First Ladies are worlds apart. Michelle comes from politics, Melania comes from fashion. Michelle looks fun and outgoing, Melania looks reserved and soft-spoken. “Melania wearing black is not the normal choice for that setting of a daytime meeting,” continues Patti. “Melania wants to be perceived as serious and formal. But it doesn’t make her accessible.

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Instead she is being more distant, formal and closed off.” If there’s one thing we can safely say about both women, it’s that they’re incredibly beautiful — and know how to dress! While Melania and Michelle appear to have done their best to make nice, the internet basically cannot even.

Meanwhile, the “sips tea” memes practically embed themselves.

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