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Loren Spratt Tells Guys To Salute The Suit! | @LorenSpratt

Let’s face it, women always get to say “Yes to the Dress”, well, menswear designer brand Loren Spratt thought it was time for the gentlemen to “Salute the Suit”!

Loren Spratt’s founders Juwan Mass, Brandon Theriot, Mario McMillan and Dalen Spratt, four single guys who met and pledged the same fraternity at a HBCU in Atlanta, GA. The charismatic, handsome and industrious men amassed a large circle of friends by creating high quality, stylish tailored suits, combined with a concierge-like experience, they became the go-to guys for such special moments of their friend’s lives (i.e: weddings!), and now they offer their collection to couples across the United States.

As you know, weddings are the quintessential expression of love, and with so much of it in the air, Loren Spratt was inspired to create garments that ensure the fellas look good while standing on the sideline. After all, it IS their day too, right? So, let them have a little fun!

Loren Spratt’s impeccable style has been seen on BET and has graced the pages of, The Knot, and D Weddings to name a few. Find out more on Loren Spratt on their official website.


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