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Living Legend: Greatest Moments Created by Lynn Tolliver Jr.

Sometimes we like to take the time to remember our living legends and give recognition to their accomplishments while they are able to hear about our appreciation and love for them and all that they’ve contributed to music industry. DJ Orrin Lynn Tolliver Jr. is who we would like to pay homage to today.

Movie Writing Credit

If It Were Only That Easy: A miniature (mini) feature film of a woman who trusted her significant other with her best friend. You can probably figure out the conclusion, but the ending is a surprise, thus the title “IF IT WERE ONLY THAT EASY” Relationships can be trying and difficult and so often people who think they are on the same page with their lovers, find out, they may be close, but so very far apart. Love Hurts, but Love Feels Good, too. Produced and Directed by Stephon J Davis.

Click here to watch clip of movie “If It Were Only That Easy

Movie Narration Credit 2017

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Lynn Tolliver Jr.

Gale And The Storm” : A revolutionary music producer hooks up with a legendary singer and tries to convince her to sing again.

Indie Feature Film Executive Produced , Co Written and Starring R & B Legend Karyn White This is a story of a singer Gale Storm ( Karyn White) who at the height of her career walks away from the music industry thanks to feelings of betrayal. Until 7 years later she meets Hannibal a once former successful music producer who eventually helps get her back into the game. Movie available at http://galeandthestorm.vhx.tv Soundtrack available http://karynwhite.me/music 

Cast: Directed by Derrick Muhammad. With Damien Lewis, Anthony M. Bertram, Jonez Cain, Bridgette Vaughn.

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Karyn White in Gale and the Storm (2017)


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