Live Coverage: Election Day 2016

Election Day is here! And the Yahoo News team will post updates until we have a new president. Yahoo Global News Anchor Katie Couric is leading our election night coverage with National Political Columnist Matt Bai and special guests. Their reporters will be with the candidates at their campaign headquarters later tonight. Yahoo wants to hear from you too! Tweet your Election Day stories and photos to @YahooNews, and they will add them to their live blog!

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Swagggirlicious Is Keeping The Score: 

7:28pm (pst) Voting Status Update via #Swagggirlicious = Team Hillary 109 | Trump 150 | Total Needed To Win 270 | For those of you who didn’t vote, this is now the time to kick yourself in the #ASS…. Click on this link to get the updated status as we post it tonight… :

OMG, Trump killed it in the Midwest and to be honest, you want to know why, because no one ever goes through the midwest in entertainment except for 1 MAN and his name is Big Heff… which is why he is #WINNING in #MUSIC… ok back to the vote…

7:49pm (pst) Team Hillary 131 | Trump 168 | Total Needed To Win 270

7:54pm (pst)  Team #Hillary 131 | #Trump 168 | Total Needed To Win 270 | The map looks like a bad menstrual cycle……Damn

Stock Markets are crashing like crazy… come on people where is the faith we been selling for the last 1000 years….

8:04pm (pst) Team Hillary 190 | Trump 201 | Total Needed To Win 270

Goodbye EBT/Food Stamp Cards / Hello Africa, here we come….

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9:07 pm (pst) Team Hillary 209 | Trump 244 | Total Needed To Win 270

#SWAGGGirlicious prediction Hillary will WIN by 50 votes and there will be no recount! Right now no aids or presidential elects have been seen as of yet.

What happened OHIO? I guess there had to be a trade off of some sort since they did win the NBA Championship. 

Ohio was the first state admitted under the Northwest Ordinance, entering the Union in March 1803. It participated in its first presidential election in 1804. Ohio has been a battleground in recent elections due to the closeness of the vote and its wealth of electoral votes (currently 18). This was particularly true in 2004, when Ohio put George W. Bush over the top in a close 2 percent victory over John Kerry. 2012 was again close, as Barack Obama defeated Mitt Romney by 3 points, 51% to 48%. In recent elections, the Buckeye State has proved itself to be a remarkably good predictor of the election winner. Since 1944, Ohioans have sided with the losing candidate only once – opting for Nixon over Kennedy in 1960. Ohio has been losing population (relative to the country as a whole) and it has lost about 1/3 of its electoral vote clout since the 1960s.

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Proposition 64 – Legalize Marijuana in California – PASSED – The Adult Use of Marijuana Act is a 2016 voter initiative to legalize cannabis in California.

The full name of the measure is the “Control, Regulate and Tax Adult Use of Marijuana Act”. The initiative passed and will become law on November 9, 2016.





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