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Literary Spotlight – Shana Gourdine

Born in well known Charleston, South Carolina Shana Gourdine is proud to state that her formative years were spent in the small town of Cross, South Carolina.  Born on November 23, 1980 as the daughter of Viola Gourdine and John H. Simmons.  Her earliest memories of loving literature was her passion for poetry which she began writing herself at age 12.  After graduating Cross High School in 1999, she would go on to earn a B.A. in Sociology from home state Morris College in the Spring of 2003. 

Forever a student, Shana would not stop there as she earned a Culinary Arts certificate in 2016 after relocating to Troy, NY.  A mother herself now of two beautiful girls, Shana has a newfound motivation (motherhood) as she has embarked on a journey as not only an author (The Mask Behind The Mask) but as a starring actress in the play known as “Secrets” which has launched in February of this year and has a sequel coming June 29th.

I am many things when I come to think about it. First and foremost a mother, an author, an actress; I am also an advocate for domestic violence an ambassador for the national Kidney Foundation. My inspiration to write this novel was to empower people to put the mask down and love all of their imperfections.”