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Kanye West Drops “I Love It” Costumes & “Free Hoover” Merch for $200

People are doing the #iloveitchallenge to mimic Kanye West and Lil Pump’s weird video. Kanye West and Lil Pump’s video for “I Love It,” which debuted during the Pornhub Awards, quickly became a meme, and now it’s followed the logical path and become the #ILoveItChallenge. Yes, people are trying to recreate the boxy suits West and Pump dance around in, and some are taking extreme creative license here.


(HB) Kanye West and Lil Pump‘s internet-shattering video for “I Love It” arguably garnered more attention for the playful costumes than the music — the oversized, boxy suits from the clip were parodied by James Corden and most likely responsible for the explosive view count on YouTube. Though those costumes may have been trumped by the duo’s recent performance of the song on Saturday Night Live, wherein West and Pump dressed up like delicious beverages, that didn’t stop West’s team from introducing official “I Love It” costumes, along with more merch.

The one-size-fits all “Duo Costume” set includes both West and Pump’s enormous shoes and necklaces, though the giant YEEZY slides don’t seem to be included. The costumes are offered alongside an “I Love It” T-shirt, first teased by the rapper on Instagram. No word yet on whether the “Free Lil Pump” gear will drop.

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Meanwhile, immediately after West closed SNL with what’s sure to become a highly-controversial speech, YEEZY SUPPLY dropped a trio of “FREE HOOVER” items. West first revealed the one-size-only sweater on the promo clip for his SNL appearance, without giving any explanation of the meaning. It’s been speculated that the shirt most likely refers to the currently-incarcerated leader of Chicago’s Gangster Disciples, Larry Hoover. Hoover, now 67 years old, remains one of the city’s most notorious 20th century gang leaders and is currently serving six consecutive life sentences in a Colorado supermax prison.

You can pick up the “I Love It” costumes & tee via the Kanye West web store and the “Free Hoover” items on Yeezy Supply’s site. In case you don’t feel like dropping $200 USD on the official costumes, learn how to make your own DIY “I Love It” suit.