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Judge Issues Arrest Warrant For The Game In Old Sexual Assault Case

Here we go with the racist double standard on who can and how much you must pay to play. Now Trump announces that it’s ok to grab womens pussy after admitting that he did it, yet when The Game does it, he is ordered to pay $7.13M. The Game should pay Trumps rate of $130,000 and call it a day with this case.

According to Bossip, a federal judge in Illinois has issued an arrest warrant for Compton rapper The Game, stemming from a 2016 sexual assault suit. Bossip obtained a copy of the warrant which instructs authorities to arrest the rapper on sight.

The Game, whose real name is Jayceon Taylor, was sued by Priscilla Rainey, a former contestant on the rapper’s VH1 reality show, She Got Game. Rainey claimed she was sexually assaulted by the rapper one evening during the show’s taping in 2015. She accused the rapper of groping her vagina and buttocks in a public bar while he was inebriated. Rainey said the incident caused her emotional distress and psychological injury.

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Priscilla Rainey Says Game Rubbed Her “Bare Vagina” Without Consent

A judge ruled in Rainey’s favor, awarding a $7.13 million judgment. Since the ruling, the rapper has allegedly not paid Rainey one cent. The game counter sued Viacom for $20 million after the judgment, but the case was thrown out in June.

However, Rainey has had to appear in court several times to let the judge know she has had difficulties obtaining financial documents from the rapper in relation to the judgement. She also claims The Game may be hiding his financial assets in an effort to thwart payment, Bossip reports.

Rainey is said to be looking into the rapper’s profitable cannabis business, Trees By Game, as a means to collect payment. On October 1, the judge issued that the west coast rapper had 48 hours to produce the documents in question after he failed to make an appearance in court on Monday, according to TMZ.