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‘It Makes No Sense to Rush It’: Rihanna Explains Album Delay, Being in Love and Motherhood

From afar it seems that Rihanna has everything that she wants: Millions of loyal fans, a wildly successful music career, and she recently made history when her company Fenty Beauty partnered with luxury brand conglomerate LVMH.

But there’s one thing the singer doesn’t have that she wants, and that’s a baby, which she admitted in a newly published interview. In fact, Rihanna said she wants to be a mother “more than anything in life.”

And not only that, when the 31-year-old was asked if she was currently in love, she said, “Of course I am.”

The discussion is in the latest issue of Interview, and the questions were conducted by Rihanna’s “Ocean’s 8” co-star Sarah Paulson, who also asked if she was getting married. The singer is currently dating the wealthy Saudi businessman Hassan Jameel.

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“Only God knows that, girl,” Rihanna said of marriage. “We plan and God laughs, right?”

If you’re a Rihanna fan and you live in the U.K., you will be pleased to know that the Barbados queen now lives in London. In her recent interview with the New York Times, she revealed that she lives in the city and has to go out in incognito to not get recognized. They asked her what she appreciates the most since moving there.

In another part of the interview, the “Diamonds” singer talked music and how these days are different from yesteryear when she was able to drop an album much faster. Of course, that was before Fenty took off, when being in the studio was her chief responsibility.

“It’s the reason why an album isn’t being spat out like it used to,” she explained. “I used to be in the studio, only the studio, for three months straight and an album would come out.”

Recently, The Inquisitr reported the news that she had filed a lawsuit against her father. He denied allegations suggesting he has been trying to cash in on his daughter’s name and image without her consent. She had her lawyers fired off multiple cease and desist letters to him.

In 2005, she kickstarted her music career by releasing her debut album, Music of the Sun. A year later, she released A Girl Like Me, which has been certified double platinum in the U.S. In 2007, her career re-peaked with the release of Good Girl Gone Bad, which propelled Rihanna into superstardom. The album has been certified six times platinum in both the U.K. and the U.S. and contains some of her biggest hits to date — “Umbrella,” “Disturbia,” “Don’t Stop The Music,” and “Take a Bow.”

Since then, she has continued to release many multi-platinum studio albums that have helped her maintain her status as one of the biggest acts in recent years — Rated RLoudTalk That TalkUnapologetic, and ANTI.