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Issa Rae Stars in Steamy New Romance Film ‘The Photograph” With LaKeith Stanfield

Love is in the air for Issa Rae and LaKeith Stanfield in the trailer for the Universal Pictures romance The Photograph. Issa Rae will co-star in the romantic film “The Photograph” with LaKeith Stanfield, and the trailer was just released on Friday, Nov. 1.

Rae plays Mae Morton, the daughter of Christina Eames, a famous photographer who suddenly passed away. Stanfield plays journalist Michael Block, who’s covering Eames’ life, and along the way he and Rae’s character fall for each other. The film also stars Lil Rel Howery and “Insecure” actor Y’lan Noel.

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The film begins as Mae Morton (Rae) deals with the death of her estranged mother, who was a famed photographer. When Mae finds a photograph tucked away in a safe-deposit box, she sets out on a journey delving into her mother’s early life and ignites a powerful, unexpected romance with up-and-coming journalist Michael Block (Stanfield).

Chanté Adams, Y’lan Noel, Rob Morgan, Chelsea Peretti, Kelvin Harrison Jr., Lil Rel Howery and Jasmine Cephas Jones also star in the film, which was directed and written by Stella Meghie. Erika Hampson, Meghie and Rae serve as executive producers.

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The trailer opens with Mae reading a letter from her late mother. “I put my love into photographs. Pictures took space in my heart instead of people,” reads the letter.

Mae then opens up about the disappointment she feels about her relationship with her mother before she meets Michael. He explains that he is writing a story about her mother, though their connection evolves into something more romantic when he asks her out on a date.

She struggles to be vulnerable at the beginning of their relationship, but Michael encourages her to stay true to herself. As the relationship evolves, Mae continues to learn more about her mother and comes out of her shell.

“My mother wasn’t very good at love. What if I’m just like her?” she asks.

Mae eventually tries to end the relationship and justifies that the romance isn’t practical, though Michael argues that what they have is worth fighting for. “I’m not trying to be practical. I want to be with you,” he says. The trailer concludes with another quote from Mae’s mother’s letter, which reads, “I wish I had put as much courage into love as I put in my work.”

“The Photograph” will be in theaters on Valentine’s Day 2020.