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Irv Gotti Says His Drug Use Is The Reason For Falling Out With J.Lo?

(All HipHop)Irv Gotti has been in the game for a long time. He’s an O.G. for sure. His Murder Inc. Record label created mad hits in the early 2000’s. He helped make Ja Rule and Ashanti into superstars. But more than his beef for 50 Cent and G-Unit, Gotti regrets his falling out with Jennifer Lopez.

On BET’s Black Coffee, Gotti kept it real falling out with his former friend and collaborator. He claims that the main reason behind his crazy behavior was his drug use at the time. He details that ruining his relationship with J.Lo still hurts him.

J.Lo. I talked crazy about her in an Elle magazine interview, when she asked me to give them quotes, because she was on the cover. This was around the time of [her singles], ‘I’m Real’ and ‘Ain’t It Funny.’

“I was high. I was probably on like, three ecstasy pills, which was the daily. That was like [my] breakfast. For three years I was high. All of those great records though we made, high as a motherf*****r. Not saying to do that children, that’s just me.”

Gotti said he was so mad at Tommy Mottola at the time that it spilled over to his interview with Elle magazine.