‘I Used to Love Her’: Common Opens Up About Past Relationship with Erykah Badu, Says ‘It Was Hard to Eat’ After Break Up

Common has been making the promotional rounds for his new memoir “Let Love Have the Last Word” over the past few weeks, and he’s been even more open than he usually is.

So far while plugging the memoir, the rapper has revealed that he was molested as a child, he explained why staying in relationships is difficult for him, and in one of his latest interviews he talked about being in a relationship with Erykah Badu.

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The pair dated for two years before they parted ways in 2002, and the “Testify” rapper explained how difficult it was for him after the breakup.

“With Erykah Badu, that was my first love where you’re just open and floating,” he told People. “When we split, I was 27 or 28. I was in a haze, just going through the motions. It was hard to eat.”

But Common didn’t blame the split on Badu, he chalked it up to things just not working out. “It wasn’t her fault, the relationship just didn’t go forward,” he explained.

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Common Talks S*X With Erykah Badu & How She Had The ‘Holy Box’

Badu talked about the relationship as well, during a 2015 interview on “The Breakfast Club” and admitted that she was the one who ended things. She also said the breakup had to do with their busy schedules and having a lost connection.

“It was just kind of like, we were growing apart,” she explained. “We hadn’t seen each other in a little while. I told him that I needed space. I tried to do the fade-out, but I ended up putting myself in a trick bag.”

“But you know, me and Common are still very close, too,” she added. “He’s really sweet. He’s the most compassionate human being I’ve ever met, I think. Very kind-hearted. But it’s all about chemistry, you gotta have chemistry.”

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Besides Badu, some of the women Common dated include Serena WilliamsTaraji P. HensonRegina Hall and Angela Rye.

Badu, on the other hand, has been in relationships with The D.O.C.Andre 3000 and New Orleans rapper Jay Electronica, and she has children with all three.

Common Talks S*X With Erykah Badu & How She Had The ‘Holy Box’

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Over the decades we have all discovered that there are some pretty magical things about Erykah Badu that no one can quite put their finger on. It is a clear belief, being that her three children’s fathers are all rappers and she has been rumored to have changed and influenced each of the musicians that she has dated… musically, that is.

Rapper Common recently confirmed that Badu had the “iconic box” when he’d made a stop by to chat with the Chicago Morning Take Over Radio Show.

The hosts of the morning show first alluded to women such as Amber Rose and the Kardashian sisters changing black men’s lives. They even made a joke that  Badu had changed Common’s rap style and fashion choices.

Grinning, the Chicago-native expressed that Badu certainly carries a “holiness” about her and ‘The Light’ was definitely a song that was inspired by her. He left it there after sweetly expressing that she is a Queen.

We all know what he was talking about though. Badu’s lady parts are apparently magic and seem to have all of those conscious rapper types bent in different directions.