Guns Stolen From Evidence Room Of Lithonia Police Department

So, I guess we are all to assume that of all places, the evidence room inside a police station would not have camera’s right? By this summer, I’m sure someone will go to jail for using the stole dirty gun, mysteriously. Someone stole some guns and police badges out of a local police department’s evidence room and now city leaders have launched an investigation to find out how they disappeared.

Guns, police badges missing from Lithonia Police Department, audit reveals

(CBS46) A small DeKalb County police department, located in Lithonia, is dealing with allegations of serious internal theft. The Bulldog learned, an internal audit found a handful of guns and other police department property was taken from the evidence room at the Lithonia Police Department. Guns, city officials admit, that were part of serious crimes under investigation.Image result for guns stolen from lithonia police department

The interim chief is currently investigating, and has not identified who might be behind the theft. Nor would the city say which crimes the guns belong to.

The interim chief declined an interview. City officials tell CBS46, police got an email from a vendor detailing how someone was trying to trade the weapons.

The Lithonia Police Department is a small department with a small staff. Officials say only senior members of the department have access to the evidence room. Tyisha Fernandes, with Channel 2 News has been working on this story for months and according to city officials, only two people had access to that evidence room: a former police chief and a captain who recently resigned.