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#EmpoweredWomen: Meet ‘April Floyd’ The Author/Writer, Novelist, Producer, & Associate Producer from St. Louis, MO

Her style of writing crosses the conventional boundaries of one genre fused with paranormal, drama, horror, suspense, spirituality, action, romance, magical realism, erotica, and much more.

Floyd started writing as a blogger and production associate for OnStL.com in 2013, promoting her hometown St. Louis. Floyd’s trilogies of the “Unique” novels were published in February 2014 and since has held it’s five-star ratings. Her books are a page-turning reflection of her passions; of issues and situations that are dear to her heart.

The “Unique” stories entertain, educate, touch and inspire its readers. The stories are brimming with family drama and values love, devastation, loss, redemption, faith, comedy, suspense and a touch of erotica.

Mrs. Floyd published her latest novel, THE LINK November 2017. The concept of Christ, Christmas, and Santa
Claus are Linked in a world of Magical Realism has taken hold of new readers who were looking for a new and
different perspective of all three.

Floyd attended Nipher Middle School when she discovered her passion for writing early. Floyd attended Kirkwood High School. She is currently working on her BA in English-Emphasis in professional writing.

April Floyd is Associate Producer for stage plays, music videos, and a reality TV show. April Floyd is Associate
Producer for “The One Woman Show-It’s Not A Man’s World” by Marty K. Casey.

Floyd also works as Associate Producer and Director for Film Camp, USA with Monica Butler (CEO and Executive Producer). Floyd is Associate Producer for the up and coming, “Sour Side of Sweet.” A reality show based in St. Louis.

Both, April Floyd and her husband, Eddie Floyd, Jr., both CEO’s of Floyd Books Publishing, LLC and FEG-Floyd
Entertainment Group, LLC

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What hurts you most in this world? I feel most hurt in the world involve the lack of love for the human race. If we loved ourselves as humans, we wouldn’t hurt each other. We would look at each other as one united family. Children that are disabled would receive the help needed to make their life a little easier. There would be no ethnic or gender divides. There would be no hunger or housing issues and so much more. Loving each other can fix any problem and it’s free, only if all humans could tap into it.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced? How did you overcome it? The biggest challenge I have faced was bringing up my three disabled children with very limited resources. Everything they needed cost more than what I had so I had to find ways to make sure they had what they needed. I overcame it by never giving up and being encouraged by my children.

What is your favorite genre and why? My favorite genre is a mixed between erotic and horror.

Books by April Floyd:
Unique~a Unique Life & World
The Link~Christ, Christmas, & Santa Claus