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Empowered Woman | Ericka Pittman talks new position as CMO of AQUAhydrate and keys to marketing

Ericka Pittman continues to be a leading force behind Combs Enterprises. During her tenure at Combs Enterprises, Pittman has controlled business processes and communication across executive divisions for brands such as CIROC Ultra, Bad Boy Entertainment, Premium Vodka, Sean John, DeLeón Tequila, and REVOLT TV.

Pittman, who was recently named as Chief Marketing Officer for AQUAhydrate, recently spoke with rolling out to discuss her new role and keys to marketing excellence.

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How did you transition to becoming a Chief Marketing Officer come about? 

I’ve worked for Sean Combs for about eight years and had the pleasure of working for all the brands that fall under Combs Enterprises. I was lucky enough to serve as the Vice President for a couple of years. One of those projects included working and developing AQUAhydrate. I have over 20 years of advertising and marketing experience. With the direction we were willing to take the brand to, I just became the perfect fit.

With marketing being such as crowded field, how you stand out when it comes to marketing? 

I think that you have to focus on the consumer trends. The water industry has grown into a $17 billion business. That’s massive for a non-alcoholic beverage. People are definitely more health conscious these days. It’s not just I need to drink water, what is your water made of, where is your water coming from?

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You also do a lot of community initiates, what can you tell us about what you do in the community for young women? 

I think my biggest pillar is that I want to do well by doing good. That applies to my career and my personal. I have been awarded a lot of opportunities throughout my career. However, I didn’t have a lot of women role models to look up to. Majority of my mentors in my life have been men. As I’ve gotten older and have gain more experience, I continue to reach back to women and young girls. I want to be that example or mentor that I didn’t have growing up. One platform that I have for example is called Dress for Success. Starting in my career, I lived by the motto that you dress for the job you want not the job you have. So I show them how to dress in the workplace.

What do you want your legacy to be when it comes to business and how you help the community?

I want it to be that I created opportunities that touched people. We have a lot of lifestyle brands so that’s what I would focus on opportunities that enhance the life of others. One of the things that we did at CIROC was hire a lot military veteran. Unfortunately, when a lot of veterans come home, they have trouble finding employment. What we did was a project that provided jobs nationally. We do a lot of community outreach and give back. I just want to continue that throughout my career.



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