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Darius McCrary‘s wife is divorcing him, and wants the judge to keep him away from their infant daughter until he gets help for booze, drugs and rage. Tammy Brawner filed in L.A. citing irreconcilable differences, and made it clear she has serious concerns about 1-year-old Zoey’s safety. In the docs, obtained by TMZ, Tammy says she wants Darius to “attend alcohol/drug abuse and batterers’ intervention classes.”

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She wants his visitation rights cut off until the “Family Matters” star provides proof he’s completed a treatment program. Not shockingly, Tammy wants legal and physical custody of Zoey. She’s also asking for spousal support.

We broke the story … the exes both have restraining orders against each other, with each claiming to be a victim of spousal abuse. Back in Feb. it was reported that the actual abuser was the wife.

After former ‘Family Matters’ star, Darius McCrary was accused of allegedly abusing his wife and their 16-month-old daughter, he’s reportedly got his own side of the story! He claims that his wife was the alleged attacker, and you’ll never believe what just happened.

Darius McCrary, claims his wife, Tammy Brawner, is allegedly hungry for fame, and that’s why she reportedly came up with a false abuse story, according to TMZ, Feb. 23. The former Family Matters star allegedly filed his own legal docs, where he claimed that Tammy is the one who reportedly attacked him with a flat iron to chest.

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In his alleged legal docs, he reportedly request a restraining order after he allegedly suffered 2nd degree burns to his chest. Darius reportedly told his side of the story in the alleged docs that went like this: Tammy allegedly became verbally abusive right before she reportedly threw a heated flat iron at him.

Darius claimed Tammy reportedly has a history of violence, and revealed that he allegedly had to call the cops three times prior to the reported flat iron attack. Eventually, he claimed that Tammy allegedly threatened him with a knife.

The actor reportedly shed some closer light on the reason his wife is the alleged attacker. Tammy — a former Harlem Globetrotter, according to the site — is allegedly “desperate for stardom.” In the alleged docs, he reportedly claimed that he fears that she will neglect their daughter to seek fame. Darius reportedly said that Tammy’s competitive with him and jealous of his own stardom.

Here’s the most shocking part of the entire reported situation: A judge allegedly granted Darius’ request for a temporary restraining order, and reportedly ordered Tammy to move out of the home they share together.

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The only issue is, Tammy reportedly got her own restraining order against Darius on Feb. 23, and a separate judge allegedly ordered that HE should move out of their home. Tammy claimed in her own alleged court docs that Darius was reportedly abusive to her and their daughter. She also reportedly accused him of allegedly doing drugs.


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