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Chance The Rapper Desperate To Find His Aunt A Kidney: “I Really Need Help”

Chance The Rapper has taken to social media to find a kidney for his aunt. In a series of tweets, the Chicagoan told his 8 million followers that his family really needs help locating an organ donor.

“I really need help. My Auntie Toni is one of the strongest forces in my life, and she is in dire need of a #kidney. We have exhausted all options and have been wait listed [sic] for years. My family believes in the power of prayer and we give this problem up to God,” Chance told his fans.

“A prayer really goes a long way,” he added.

“Prayers going up that she finds a kidney!” one fan replied.

“I would totally give up my kidney for your auntie if we were a match. I’m not one for prayer but I’ll keep your auntie and your family in my thoughts,” another one of his followers added.

Chance will release his first album in July. He released his first single from the project, “Groceries,” and dedicated the work to his Auntie. In a video to his fans, the father and husband said to his fans,

“I don’t usually make videos like this, but I need you to all go and cop that new ‘Groceries’ single. It’s my first song ever on iTunes, you all know me, I’ve been doing this streaming thing since Day 1 with Soundcloud, but it’s my first joint. It’s up on iTunes right now for 99 cents. I’m talking to everyone — I’m talking to my Auntie that’s watching this right now.”

Chance’s nuclear family is expanding by one this year. Chance and his wife were married in March in a star-studded ceremony. Their nuptials were the crowning moment of their relationship that has spanned decades.