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Since 2011 there had been a strong rumor about BMW building a new crossover model. But fans had to wait since 2015 to witness its launch. In 2016 a similar vehicle with heavy camouflage was seen roaming about in the streets. In 2016 Paris Motor show, a similar concept car was given spotlight. 2018 BMW X2 is a sleeker version of X1, which is going to compete with the likes of Audi Q2. BMW X2 is going to be part of a trio headed by X4 and X6.

This crossover model is going to share the platform along with the second generation BMW X1. It has been built on the same UKL architecture which is being used by Mini Cooper and also BMW 2 Series of Active Tourer. BMW X2 is going to share X1’s engine and various other configurations. Fans would love the sporty design, efficient drivetrain and premium interior features.


2018 BMW X2

According to Karim Habib (Head of BMW design) 2018 BMW X2 is going to combine fast moving body languages and proportions of low-slung coupes with robust construction of X model. It is a sporty vehicle with bold character, that allows the engineers to open up fascinating possibilities of new designs for BMW.

The new model will largely adopt the design from the Concept X model but with some toned-down elements. The grille design should remain the same as well as pronounced waistline and aggressive rear window line. The taillights should also remain pretty much similar to that on the concept model but rear bumper will get a more conventional form. The model will also include slim headlights with distinct LED DRL accents. There will also be sporty front bumper.

On the other hand, the interior design has been a mystery. There is no doubt that it will be very similar to the X1 including the dashboard design and center stack.

The model should offer very similar level of the equipment and trim range as the smaller X1 but also the upgradeds that will be available in the meantime.


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2018 BMW X2 is going to have similar drivetrains as used previously in X1 and Mini Cooper. Its is going to contain gasoline as well as diesel engine that is going to be offered with both three and four cylinders. Both All Wheel Drive and Forward Wheel Drive configurations are expected to be present.

Base models in Europe are expected to get 1.5 liter 3 cylinder gasoline setups with 134 HP. This engine should come with 6-speed automatic transmission system along with Front Wheel Drive mode. The second gasoline setup is a similar 2.0 liter four cylinder unit which is expected to have two sets of power outputs.

On the other hand, the diesel powered engine shoud be a 2.0-liter turbocharged unit available in trhee power outputs including 148, 187 and 227 hp.

US models are going to carry 2.0 liter units with four cylinder gasoline engines. Power output is expected to be of 228 HP along with 258 lb-ft torque. 8-speed automatically transmitted configuration is a possibility along with AWD setup.

We should also expect the M-performance version as well as the hybrid model.

2018 BMW X2


2018 BMW X2 should have a starting price from around $35, 000. According to latest round of rumors, this new model is going to be revealed  by the third quarter of 2017. The production might start in early 2018.


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