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New Show Coming Soon: ‘Cannabivore’ & ‘Chef AV’ Turn Weed-Infused Food Into A Gourmet Treat

It is in these momentary spaces that chefs are not only infusing but also accentuating and pairing food and natural flavored waters and juices with cannabis, from the oil even down to the strain of the plant. ‘Cannabivore‘ is on a mission to film the setup of their exclusive pop-up dinner trials, taking fine dining to a higher place while sharing with their viewers the, testimonials of the audience in attendance per each taping.

On September 8, 2018, ‘Cannabivore‘ , debuted ‘Chef AV‘ on her 1st episode of season 1 along with her special invited guest and artist, Smokey Da Bandit, who flew in from Chicago to not only perform but to get a taste of that infused experience he’d heard so much about.

“Cannabivore” Turns Infused Food Into A Gourmet Delight…….

The elaborate full course dinner was served to the host Cherryl T and guest Smokey Da Bandit by Chef AV, which included, Lobster, Chicken Breast, Broccoli, Risotto and for desert, Key Lime Cake with soaked Kiwi Fruit—all infused with cannabis extracts and CBD Oil. As an added surprise, the live audience was presented with a demo meal along with infused lemonade and pineapple fruit drinks that were served throughout the night.

(Left) Executive Producer L. Torrey (Center) Artist Smokey Da Bandit (Right) Executive Producer Sean Streetz

This Fall/Winter the Executive Producers of the show, Sean Streetz, L. Torrey and Co-Producer, Adrienne L. are planning their 2019 nationwide pop-up dinners featuring cannabis and CBD Oil-infused gourmet foods by Chef AV within the legalized city limits.

Cast and Crew for 1st Episode Season 1


Chef AV who trained with world renown chef ‘Wolf Gang Puck’ for 12yrs, is using everything from tinctures, oils, butters and terpenes (aromatic cannabis agent extract) and showing her spectators the secret weapon, down to the strain of the plant to use while appreciating food and the therapeutic benefits that comes with.

Chef AV and Chef Wolf Gang Puck

Forget about just settling for the herbal brownies and space cakes, now individuals are gradually starting to be introduced the idea on how they can get THC-infused meals from sirloin and asparagus type meals, any kind of desert and drinks.

Chef AV


JUST THINK: Legal marijuana is a rapidly growing industry. Sales in the U.S. are expected to hit $22.8 billion annually by 2020, even though states allowing recreational use are still limited. while cannabis has long been associated with food (you might be familiar with “the munchies”), stoned dining is now getting the luxury treatment. An increasing number of entrepreneurs want to cater to discerning palates.