Can You Actually Fix a Sink With Ramen, Like That Viral Video?

The clip seems too good to be true, but according to a scene designer, it might actually be possible.

When it was posted on the subreddit DiWHY, a roundup of the most mind-boggling DIY “hacks,” a video of a person using dried ramen noodles to fill a hole in a sink obviously grabbed the internet’s attention.

In it, there’s a sink with a chunk missing; a pair of hands quickly stuffs the hole with a hunk of dried ramen noodles (vegetable packet included) and drops of liquid from squirt bottles. After 49 seconds of time-lapsed filling, sanding, and painting, the sink looks as though nothing ever happened.

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The video got close to 40 thousand upvotes on Reddit, and a high-profile retweet from Chrissy Teigen no doubt helped propel it to 12 million views on Twitter. Those shares might have given it international attention, but as the South China Morning Post has reported, the video originated on Douyin, the Chinese version of Tik Tok. It was uploaded by the user Xiubandrng, whose shtick appears to be exactly this: Another video attributed to them shows ramen filling a cut on a wooden table.

On first glance, the sink video is so convincing that you might suddenly worry: what if your bathroom appliances are, in fact, pieced together from packages of Shin Ramyun, its spicy flavor packet mixed with superglue and covered in paint? But as the SCMP points out, some people are skeptical of the video’s authenticity.

To some, it seems too good to be true. The use of jump cuts is questionable, concealing that perhaps the videos are actually backwards, they suggest, or it might be partially ramen, but with other fillers added. “You can see this because the texture goes from noodle to closed cell foam,” wrote a Redditor called RobotSlaps. In a message to MUNCHIES, RobotSlaps wrote, “I’m about 90% sure we’re not getting the full story of the process that’s happening and about 70% sure that material isn’t just ramen and glue.”