Bronny James rants about girls and weed, gets smack-talked by Draymond Green in first day on Instagram

LeBron James was able to keep his eldest son away from social media for a while, but the time has come. LeBron James Jr. has an Instagram. The elder LeBron announced Bronny’s arrival to social media on Monday, explaining that he had promised his son he could have an Instagram in 2019 three years ago. He also did the extremely dad thing of threatening all the haters to stay out of the comments.

Bronny announced his own arrival with a simple picture of himself, writing “Hey IG.” That simple post and his dad’s endorsement was enough for Bronny’s follower count to hit the stratosphere. As of Tuesday night, the 14-year-old has racked up over 1.3 million followers and counting.

Picking up that many followers in a single day is yet another example of the pull the younger LeBron already holds, even before he starts to be seriously recruited by college basketball programs. All it takes is a chase-down block in an AAU game to invoke his dad and go viral. Just wait until he’s playing for a blue blood (Duke, if his father gets his way).

James also predictably picked up tens of thousands of comments. Many were well wishes from basketball stars and brands, but the most colorful came via Draymond Green, who ignored LeBron’s warning and proceeded to level some profane trash talk at Bronny — who, again, is 14 years old.

Green sure knows how to pick his battles. Of course, no teenager’s foray into social media would be complete without an ill-advised and profane post that was soon deleted. Bronny’s took the form of a rather bizarre post on his Instagram story in which the teenager joked around in an accent about “b—-es” and marijuana.