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Breaking Music News: Billy Ray Cyrus Feeling His Urban Intro and Hits The ‘Woah’ Challenge by Krypto 9095 and D3M Street

Each year for music means brand new groups are going to debut and last month we announced the new collab between Krypto 9095 and D3M Street with their internet sensation single “WOAH“.

This single has taken the internet by storm which was produced by the young, up and coming Producer DJ Rikk hailing from my hometown, Cleveland, Oh.

Now, we are super damn proud to announce that the ‘King of Country‘ himself, Billy Ray Cyrus, has released his dancing version of ‘WOAH‘ onto his Instagram page today and what an amazing revelation it has to be for the guys on this record right now.

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#BillyRayWoah @10k.caash @trillervids #triller

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If you are the type that likes to compare, then Billy Ray Cyrus is to Country Music what Jay Z is to Hip Hop Music and Business, the ‘King‘…..PERIODTTTTTTTTTTTT

Also, some millennials may be familiar with Billy Ray Cyrus for his feature on the urban/country single with artist Lil Nas X for the single ‘Old Time Road‘.

Read more about the members who came together for the #30DayWoahChallenge

This challenge has caused quite a few celebrities to jump on board such as Shad Moss aka Bow Wow and his daughter, that got the attention of 2.3 million of his viewers paying attention to their version of the ‘WOAH‘ Challenge that was then re-posted via instagram by non other than ‘Will Smith’. Within two days the video had garnered over 7 millions hits and today it has reached 34.5 millions views on Will Smith page alone.

This single has already attracted 125 million+ on TikTok, 7 million+ on Youtube and 1.7 million streams via Spotify. With these crazy numbers jumping off for these guys, seems like this challenge needs to go for another 30 days to allow more people to display their abilities to ‘WOAH’. #ijs

Also, there was Mykesha off the show ‘Little Women: LA‘ who did her version with the news host Nick Kosir, the Fox 46 Morning Meterologist, who also killed it by the way and then Lil Nas X reposted the video on his instagram page. Check out their video below

Read more about the members who came together for the #30DayWoahChallenge

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