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Are Teslas Death Traps? Failing Brakes and Violent Fires Spark Major Fears

Tesla and media outrage go hand in hand these days. It is usually because of something that Elon Musk has tweeted about the SEC, but occasionally it is because a Tesla vehicle is involved in a crash. As reported by Zero Hedge, yet another of Musk’s line of luxury electric cars has had a serious accident. With a history of major fires alongside accusations of “auto-pilot” failure, fatal Tesla crashes get an obscene amount of media coverage.

Is it fair that Tesla gets raked over the coals every time something like this happens? Are those batteries as safe as Tesla claims and are the NHTSA tests of lithium battery-powered electric cars sufficient?

US Roads Are Dangerous, Florida is Especially Dangerous

First of all, it’s important to consider just how many crashes occur on US roads every year. It is an absolute certainty that there is a huge bias for the media to report when a Tesla crash happens and particularly when a fatality occurs.

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In the United States there were 37,133 road deaths in 2017, so why is it so significant when one of those crashes is a Tesla? Florida is no utopia when it comes to driving as it was reported as the 3rd worst state for motor vehicle fatalities that same year.

As Elon Musk Disrupts Car Industry, Boomers Push Back

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Musk has clashed relentlessly with regulators during his time as Tesla boss | Source: REUTERS / Lucy Nicholson

Tesla Autopilot is safer than human driving (according to Tesla’s own statistics)

There is no doubt that a significant cause of the furor comes around the fact that Tesla is a pioneering company. The world is full of gasoline-powered cars and those who rely on their sale for a living. Tesla disrupts some of the oldest and most powerful industries in the US from the colossal Oil industry down to car dealerships, Elon Musk has found a way to irk a considerable amount of people. Throw into the mix that Baby Boomers have an inherent distrust of computers and new tech, and you have a perfect storm.

Let’s throw out the sentiment and look at the facts starting with the autopilot. Elon Musk’s incredible talent for marketing would certainly have you believe this to be the case. Tesla’s statement reported in an article from Electrek certainly seems to suggest that using their service is a definite improvement on the human alternative,

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