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Air Durant: Kevin Durant’s Image Takes Flight on the Sides of Alaska Airlines Plane

Kevin Durant will never have to fly coach again … ’cause the NBA superstar’s riding on the OUTSIDE of this plane from now on!! The Golden State Warriors baller got a massive 560 square foot decal on the side of a plane as part of his partnership with Alaska Airlines aircraft … complete with an insane 50-foot wingspan!!

A rep for the airline says the Durant decal is made of 34 pieces and took more than 144 hours to install on the 737-900ER aircraft. Durant’s been partnering with Alaska Airlines since September 2017 … and serves as the “Advisor to

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the CEO” … which apparently means the dude gets to put his face on a plane. Kevin Durant is taking flight, but he’s not doing so in the traditional way that basketball fans anticipating a rim-rattling dunk would expect.

An image of the Golden State Warriors’ superstar forward has been plastered on the sides of an Alaska Airlines plane, which is slated to land in Oakland Thursday morning just in time for Game 1 of the NBA Finals featuring Golden State and Cleveland.

More than 30 decal pieces spread out across 560 square feet of the 737-900ER aircraft were slapped together to showcase a smiling, arms-stretched Durant decked out in a white basketball jersey.

Durant’s lengthy wingspan in real life stretches even more on the aircraft, extending 50 feet on both sides of the plane’s fuselage. Durant acts as an adviser to Alaska Airlines CEO Brad Tilden, helping to advance programs and support for at-risk youngsters around the Bay Area.

Reported by CNN