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4th Quarter Big Music Drop: Tom Pasley Releases “Undeniable”

Perhaps more so than any other industry, rap is populated by those who’ve beat all odds and have climbed the ladder to wild success. Some would say that Tom Pasley literally “started from the bottom” and is now astounding us with his accomplishments. Being considered as one of the most influential rappers to come out of Chattanooga, TN,  he didn’t have an easy start. Click here to vote on your favorite singe by Tom Pasley



Things weren’t easy in his neighborhood, and he dropped out of high school his senior year. Surrounded by poverty, drugs and various forms of street violence, anecdotes from his childhood is what fuels his heavy lyrics and speak to the soul and experience of so many of his fans. Throughout it all, he just wanted to prove that hard work and pure unremitting talent, can take one beyond their current situation.

Tom Pasley PR Log Write-Up

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Tom Pasley dug in, worked hard, and made a name for himself doing what he loves, despite the obstacles in his path, despite significant adversity, he remained loyal to his friends, to his team and to his dream.



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