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12 Yr Old Rapper ‘Lil C Note’ Manhandled By Disgruntled Cop At Cumberland Mall In Atlanta, GA

Another incident, which is starting to become an everyday occurrence, with a white disgruntled mall cop by the name of Daniel P. Goduto, who is at least two times the kids size, was caught on film, man handling Corey J aka ‘Lil C Note‘, a 12 year old black child. This incident took place in Cumberland Mall located in Atlanta, GA and has gone viral with the entire circumstance captured.

While the facts are not clear on why Lil C Note was detained, it would not be too far fetch to say that he may have been handing out his music while in the mall with his father and aunt, who happened to film the incident in it’s entirety. In the video you can hear the aunt pleading with the officer to speak with Lil C Notes father, who was on the phone and believed to have been somewhere in the mall as well.

However, the officer refused to speak with the father but preferred to inform Lil C Note that he was going to jail, which for him is the Juvenile Youth Detention Center and from there, the matter escalated with the camera shaking and the aunt screaming ‘You’re not going to handle him like that’. In the end, the scuffled ended with the aunt and her recording cell phone on the ground.

This story is still developing…..

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#PressPlay • #REPOST & #SHARE‼ • #EXCLUSIVE💥 • #FIRSTLOOK 👀 • #CobbCounty #Police officer #DanielGoduto detain a 12 year old black child #CoreyJ #LilCNote @coreyjakalilcnote (he's been on #TheEllenDeGeneresShow and mentored by @WillSmith #WillSmith #FreshPrince) in a mall. The child demands that the officer "let him go" His aunt doesn't like the way the officer physically assaults him. The aunt and officer begin to tussle. • • More as the story develops… • #DanielPhillipGoduto #PoliceBrutality #PoliceMurder #PoliceTerrorists #PoliceTerrorism #WhiteSupremacy #WhiteTerrorist #WhiteTerrorism #AmeriKKKa #ThisIsAmerica #45 #Trump #TrumpEffect #Atlanta #Georgia

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Facts To Know About Rapper ‘Lil C Note’

Lil C Note is not your average run of the mill kid but instead a rapper with fast gaining traction in the Atlanta hip-hop scene. Already, at the age of 12, he is a philanthropist and musician, who has made his appearances on major radio and television networks including making his appearance on ‘The Ellen Show‘ when he was only 10 years old.

In the last four years, Lil C Note has sold more than 250,000 CDs, according to his family and Patchwerk Recording Studios in Atlanta, which acts as a promoter for the young rapper. This self-proclaimed “positive hip-hop” recording artist received endorsements from some of the biggest names in the rap industry, including Cash Money Records CEO Bryan “Birdman” Williams and Atlanta trap star rapper Young Thug.

Now, if you pay attention, while on The Ellen Show, Lil C Note explained and showed Ellen how he sells his cd when he is anywhere, be it that he’s in Walmart, Sears or Cumberland Mall.

“Corey J.” has his own motto:

“There are two types of people in this world,” says 10-year-old Corey Jackson. “There are dreamers. And there are dream chasers. I’m chasing my dreams!”

CNN Interview: 10-year-old rapper seeks to spread ‘positive hip-hop’